A Whole New Concept in Concealment shirts!

HolsterPatch, a must-have for anyone who has a concealed-carry license or any law-enforcement agent that needs an extra "back-up" gun.

No more black or white compression t-shirts! Sometimes those tactical t-shirts can give-away that you are carrying!
With our HolsterPatch you can turn any t-shirt of your choice into a concealment shirt!

HolsterPatch is especially design for Kel-Tec P-32 & P3AT, Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP, Beretta Tomcat, Seecamp .32 & .380, NAA Guardians or any similar size frame pistol.

For those who prefer to carry a revolver, there is also one available for the popular Ruger LCR, or other similar Ultra-Lite frame snub nose revolvers.

Do-it-Yourself at a fraction of the cost of a pre made t-shirt holster!
Holster Patch ironing instructions
HolsterPatch can be mounted at any angle you desire, so that you can better access of your weapon, instead of the usual vertical positions of other holster t-shirt.

Note: *HolsterPatch is for the purpose of concealed-and-carry of your pistol under casual attire only, and not intended for fast-drawing of weapon.
              *HolsterPatch is not recommend to holster any large caliber heavy pistols when used on a t-shirt, due to the weight and the drag on your t-shirt.  Use snug fitting t-shirt.

Choose from a left-handed or right-handed, and black or white holster patch.
Also available for the popular Ruger LCR revolvers.

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 $7.25 each

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