Versatility of the HolsterPatch is unlimited:

1. Holster Patch is a holster that you can sew onto your own favorite t-shirt, it can be any Tee-shirt, e.g. tank-top under shirt, Hanes shirts, Fruit of the Loom shirts or maybe the ever-popular UnderArmour compression shirts. You will know that it will be your comfortable shirt and that it will fit right! What you will have is a holster t-shirt in your favorite style, color and your most comfortable t-shirt. It's like your very own custom-made concealment t-shirt.
2. The Holster Patch can be attached to the inside of jackets or vest that doesn't have a inside-pocket or if you want a specific designated holster in your jacket just for your pistol alone.
3. It may be mounted inside your pants pocket to have a permanent holster inside your pants that will not pull out when you draw your pistol, like some of the pocket holsters. The weight of your pistol will be distributed though the whole patch that is attached to your pocket instead of weighted at the bottom of your pocket like other pocket holsters, this is especially handy in baggy pants or cargo pants with oversize front pockets or deep pockets.


Note: Any HolsterPatch shirts with a gun holstered needs to be covered with a outer shirt, vest, jacket or other form of cover to conform to the concealed carry law.

4. Or you may want to attach one inside of your bag, for example; a back-pack, purse, camera case, lap-top case, or in a designer/sports "Fanny-pack" instead of using the ready-made fanny-pack which are usually a dead give-away that you are carrying.
5. You can even attach our HolsterPatch to the underside of your pillow, so you don't have fumble around in the dark at night looking for your gun when you hear that strange noise downstairs in the middle of the night!